About Us

About Us

The content of this page is primarily for the use of members of the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees (USRFR: The Society).

Rugby in Ulster is officiated by members of the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees.

As at 25th April 2021 we had 154 qualified referees, 16 trial members and 25 referee assessors/evaluators/mentors/coaches along with a pool of non-active members. We operate as an integral part of Ulster Rugby and are administered by a set of professionals from the branch offices.

The Society’s policy on personal information held for its members can be found here:

POL002 USRFR Privacy Notice

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As with every volunteer organisation we operate on a strong base of individuals working together to contribute to the running of the society and playing our part in the structures of Ulster Rugby.

Office Holders

A copy of the latest Rules & Regulations for the Ulster Society of Rugby Football Referees can be found here:

USRFR Rules & Regulations

Refereeing can be described as an art rather than a job; it is dynamic and tactile whilst needing empathy with the players and strength of resolve to control a potential volatile environment. The society operates a number of meetings, training sessions and workshops throughout the province to develop the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently manage a game of Rugby. Many of these are open to any rugby lover to attend.

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The level of game a match official may take on and be selected for is set by an experienced panel of performance assessors/evaluators. These grades are reviewed bi-annually and are based on the analysis of referees’ performance under evaluation.

Grade Limits 2021 – 2022

Over the years this society has contributed, and still supplies, some of the best referees in Europe if not the world.

History of the USRFR

USRFR Past Presidents

2017-18 Cup Final Referees

2018-19 Cup Final Referees

Historic Cup Final Referees (2008/09 to 2016/17)

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