WRWC Pre-Legacy Event

WRWC Pre-Legacy Event

Project Title: Women’s Rugby World Cup Pre-legacy event Phase I

Funder: Department for Communities

Amount funded: £40,000

Dates: Project delivered January 2017 – March 2017

Project aim:

To increase participation amongst young females (P6 & P7) and people with disabilities from socially deprived areas, utilising the reach and hook of the WRWC (August 2017).

Key achievements:

Activities included:

  • Visiting The Nevin Spence Centre and Kingspan Stadium
  • Sporting cultures workshop
  • Values based rugby sessions
  • Club blitzes
  • In conjunction with these activities, volunteers from 3 Clubs progressed through a capacity building programme with Sported to improve their female infrastructure.

A total of 368 pupils from mainstream schools and 64 pupils from SEN schools took part in project activities with 3 new U12 club female teams being established.

The project was very successful in engaging underrepresented people with sport and connecting them with long term opportunities. Feedback also suggested a reduced stigma of female sport and an enhanced awareness of rugby opportunities.

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