Community Committee

Community Committee

The Kingspan Stadium Community Committee has been established to receive, discuss and address the concerns of the local community regarding the operation of Kingspan Stadium and its impact on the local area.

The committee includes representatives from Cregagh Community Association and Onslow / Ravenhill Residents Association as well as Ulster Rugby, PSNI, Belfast City Council and MLA representation from South Belfast and East Belfast.

Community Committee Terms of Reference (Aug 2022)


Ulster Rugby

Contact: Fergus Thompson or Audrey Robinson

Tel: 02890 493222

Email: or

Supporting Communities NI

Chairman: Murray Watt


Onslow / Ravenhill Residents Association


Cregagh Community Association


Match Day

The roar of the crowd… excitement and anticipation, the end to end thrills and the unexpected bounce of the ball!

With every match day at Kingspan Stadium, thousands of people are coming to this area of East Belfast from all corners of the province by bus, car, on foot and a small number by bicycle or moped – and each and every supporter is welcome, not just to the stadium, but to the surrounding amenities.

However, the increase of traffic and the number of people coming into the area on match days brings come some inconvenience to local residents. It has been pointed out to community representatives, and in turn local neighbourhood police, that inconsiderate parking by a small number of people has resulted in inconvenience to the point of nuisance.

The Community Committee recognises the efforts made by Ulster Rugby to heighten awareness of its supporters to the possibility that inconsiderate parking can have a serious negative impact in the surrounding neighbourhood, and we are all working closely to identify how we can prevent these issues occurring in the future.

We also appreciate the time taken by the PSNI to liaise with local community representatives in addressing issues in advance and dealing quickly with problems where these occur.

We are hopeful that everyone enjoys their visit to Kingspan Stadium, while doing so safely and with consideration for others.

Murray Watt,

Supporting Communities NI Chairperson

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