Digital Ticketing Guide

Digital Ticketing Guide

We have introduced a fully digital ticketing experience at Kingspan Stadium, which will reduce plastic waste, reduce the risk of stolen tickets and enhance stadium security, in addition to facilitating contactless entry.

Follow the five simple steps below to ensure you can quickly and easily enter the stadium on match days.

Please note this guide is for Season Ticket holders only.

Individual match ticket purchasers can download or print at home their eTickets via their Ticketmaster account.

Step One

Log into your Ulster Rugby Account Manager ( on the device you will be using to access the stadium.

Step Two

Download your digital pass or ticket onto your device.

  • Select ‘My tickets’ from the menu
  • ‘Select event’ to view ticket(s)
  • Select ticket(s) to add to mobile wallet
  • Select ‘Save to phone’

Note: When an iPhone is set to display in ‘zoomed’ mode, the ‘Add to Wallet’ option will not be visible. To change this, go to Settings > Display Zoom > View > Select ‘Standard’.

Tickets are now saved to your digital wallet and there will be no need to open Account Manager when you arrive at the stadium on match day. This is the quickest and most accessible way to manage your ticket(s).

You can also print your tickets at home using your desktop/laptop computer by selecting ‘My tickets’ from the menu, ‘Select event’ that you wish to print. On the next page, click on the ‘print’ option and select the tickets you wish to print and hit ‘continue’, then select ‘print’ to complete.

Step Three

When you arrive at the stadium, please have your Digital Ticket ready to scan entry.

Step Four

At the turnstiles, present the QR code on your device in front of the contactless reader.

Step Five

Make your way through the turnstile and enjoy the match!

If you experience a problem with any of the above, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ulster Rugby staff will be on hand on match days at the turnstiles for assistance if required.

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